Wall Busters-Wall ball Challenge

Our new Wall Ball Challenge for athletes in our organization


Team name: Grow Your Game in the SNYPR wall ball app on iPhone

I hope this email finds you doing so well with school, with your fall sports, and with your lacrosse training.   Speaking of lacrosse training, have we got something SO FUN for you to do as you train.  It’s a wall ball challenge we are calling WALL BUSTERS, and it’s only for Force players.
How does this work you ask?
GREAT QUESTION!  I’ve outlined the steps below so you can get signed up and ready to rise up and bust some walls!!!  But before we get into that, you should know you can earn PRIZES for the level of your participation.  AND, we are giving away BIG PRIZES at Overtime, Tier One, and Dog Days to the TOP 3 WALL BUSTERS Leaders in each graduation year and HUGE PRIZES to the TOP 5 WALL BUSTERS Leaders in the entire Midwestern Force Lacrosse Club.  That’s right….you could be the WALL BUSTERS STUD of the ENTIRE MFL CLUB!!!
Okay, here are the details:
1.  Download the app SNYPR to your phone…it’s a FREE app.
2.  Create a profile and log in using the TEAM CODE 75381 (you must enter this Team Code)
3.  If you’ve logged in to Grow Your Game, you’ve done this correctly.
4.  Watch the “How to Video” about getting set up.
One very important change is the app counts both right and left handed reps without needing to move the phone to the other arm.  The phone must always be on the upper right arm with the screen facing out and the home button facing up (so the phone is upside down).
Sleeves can be purchased from lax.com for $3 including shipping.  Cut off tube socks work as well.  Here is the link to purchase sleeves:  https://www.lax.com/lacrosse-equipment/snyper-wall-ball-challenge-sleeve-2
A few other pointers:
– Quick sticks don’t always get counted as you need to have a full arm motion.  The players should step back further away from the wall, slow down a bit with a more deliberate full throwing motion.
– Every 10 reps the phone will ding (you need to have the volume turned up), so if there is no ding it may mean the phone isn’t counting reps.
– If you hear an alarm sound, it means the phone isn’t in the correct position and needs be re-set on the arm.
 Players under 13 years old need parental permission to appear on the leader board, which can be done online with a credit card verifying the paren’t identity (we don’t charge the card, it’s one of the ways the COPPA laws permit parental permission).  If a parent does not want to use their credit card to verify their under 13 child has permission, then they can download a form and email it to us and we will validate them in the database.
If anyone has a problem with the app (lost reps, not counting correctly, crashes, etc), they should email us at support@snypr.com.
5.  REP AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!   The app will track your reps and save them in the app.
6.  On Twitter and Instagram, send pics of you busting walls to @mflmamma and use #mflwallbusters so we can show the lacrosse world how committed Midwestern Force is to their stickwork development.
Lisa and Coach Randall will then get a weekly update of everyone who is participating and who is leading.  We will then send a weekly email out with everyone’s progress, but you can also see that for yourself in the app.  We may even give out PRIZES at random (sent to your house) for being a WALL BUSTERS Leader throughout the weeks leading up to Overtime, Tier One, and Dog Days!!!  At those team camps, we will be giving out the MAJOR prizes for TOP 3 in age group and TOP 5 in the MFL club!!!   So there you have it…it’s THAT simple!

Randall Swope
MFL Director of Operations
Grow Your Game, LLC
Lacrosse Training and Recruiting Consulting
2001 World Cup Champions, Team USA
2005 World Cup Runner-Up, Team USA
’95, ’96, ’97 NCAA Champions, University of Maryland
Midwestern Force Lacrosse is BUSTING WALLS!