This email is just to say thank you to both of you for all of your help with Sara. It is amazing to me what a difference the last 5 months have been since I talked with Mary at goalie camp in December and then Lisa in January. I know how hard you work for every one of your girls but I want you to know how much I appreciate that you took the time to include Sara and to help us find her a college that I think will be a great fit for her…. and of course the scholarship money. I am not sure Sara knows yet how fortunate she is to have “caught your eye” but Mark and I both know how lucky we have been to have your guidance and support. I know one day Sara will also understand.

We are forever grateful and I am very much looking forward to a fun summer season for Mark and I and a fun and learning, growing season for Sara.

Sherry (& Mark) Williams

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to touch base and share. I’m realizing the Midwestern Force family is widespread, lol. Besides knowing George Thurner (Fraternity Brother), I met Bob Magyaros through business. As I’m sure you know, his daughter Ali played with Midwestern Force and now plays for Detroit Mercy. It’s a good feeling to know you’re part of a great program that really cares and promotes the kids that work hard. I know my daughter Katie Harcourt loves it. She is currently starting and is the team leading goal scorer as a Freshman on the Varsity team at Hoover High School. Picture of Katie below (Proud Dad). I contribute her success to her hard work ethic but also the fundamentals Midwestern Force teaches and reinforces. Thanks again for all your hard work. It’s greatly appreciated! We’re looking forward to a great season!!

Best regards,
Brad Harcourt

Thank you for all that you do for us lacrosse girls! I started my club career with MFL when I played my 8th grade-junior year before moving to Michigan. Not only did MFL help me improve my lacrosse game drastically, but I met some of my best friends from all over the country.

Last week I signed to play D3 lacrosse at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. Without MFL, I never would have ever knew this school existed or that it would be such a perfect fit for me academically and athletically.

I am so excited to continue playing lacrosse at the next level and it simply wouldn’t have been possible to play at Stevens had it not been for MFL.

Thank you guys!
Emily Shanklin

Just wanted to let you know (belatedly… sorry) Grace did end up committing to Regis. I think so far she is challenged and happy. They have their first scrimmage under the lights at University of Denver on Thursday night. Like lots of players going to the next level of play – her comment is “it is just SO fast.”

Anyhow – she loves the team and is great friends with a bunch of the girls already. Back in the first few days when I think it was kicking her ass I asked her (via text of course) if she was glad she was playing. and she said (almost verbatim).

Yes. For four reasons.

  1. I just know a lot more kids on campus because of my involvement.
  2. I will be in amazing shape/condition come the real season.
  3. It helps structure my time. I know sometimes the burden will be heavy but mostly I like it.
  4. It has pushed me outside my comfort zone to try to do new and hard things.

I said – amen!

Thanks for your help.

My daughter, Camdyn Brady, Elite 2018, had a wonderful experience as a first time MWF lacrosse player last season. Her stick/lacrosse skills have improved immensely from last summer until now as a freshman playing varsity high school lacrosse.

I am one of the high school Varsity/JV coaches for the Wadsworth Girls HS Lacrosse Program. I will be sure to spread the word to my girls/parents about MWF lacrosse.

Looking forward to another great MWF lacrosse season!


I know clubs are seeing some player attrition and often hear criticisms. Complaints are easy. I thought I would share our positive feedback.

We know there are other existing and emerging team options. We have heard, strongly from some, their pitches and ‘benefits’. We have been pleased with the progress Anna made as an Open member during the 2012 season and have been very happy with the Elite level of play she experienced during the 2014 season. We wish her injury had not prevented participation in 2013. She worked hard on her own during that time but definitely would have benefited from the team play. We recognize MFL’s continued commitment and improvements. Over the last year, knowing that she is playing well against some of the best competition in the East has improved her confidence, skills, desire for the game, and competitive zeal.

We know travel sports, on top of regular season commitments, aren’t for everyone. The price of this experience hasn’t been easy. Cindy and I enjoy the windshield time, as a family, to as many practices as our schedules permits and all the tournament events. We’ve met some nice families with whom we enjoy sharing the sidelines. Anna came away from camp with new friendships with MFL players from the other locations. She has maintained these friendships and looks forward to seeing them at the events. Playing with and against them in Charlotte was a highlight to end the season. Having our youngest daughter experiencing the sport from the sidelines, usually with stick-in-hand, has been beneficial. This year she starts team play enthusiastically knowing what good looks like. We look forward to being part of MFL for quite a few more years. When setting off for one of the events I asked Anna if she was ready. She responded quickly and enthusiastically, “Yeah! I am excited to play. Practicing is good but I can’t wait to play some games!” That’s all we need to know and justify the value of the experience.

Thanks again to you, all the coaches, and support staff for everything. We look forward to many great seasons.

The Winesdoerffer family

Just a quick note from Hannah Heinke Green’s parents as we hope all is well with you and your family. I have said this before, but we so appreciate all you did for Hannah. She is doing well but most importantly she still loves the game. As a first year at Oberlin she started all but one game I think. (Senior day) and played most all of every game for an improving team. Most importantly she played with a smile on her face and loved the school. She did have two three goal games and a couple of game winners. Here are a couple of photos. Again I hope all is well with you and the Force team.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the way you run your program and the dedication of you and your staff.

As you are obviously aware daughters experience was a great success story for what your program can do for a girl who wants to pursue her passion for lacrosse into college. I think it is much harder for a program to help successfully place a fine young lady like Lainey with above average skills and talent but with less overall experience than what exists in the over all ultracompetitive market for lacrosse. You all put Lainey in such a great situation and we are so grateful for how everything worked out. As a Dad I am so happy she is with Coach Schwartz.

Roanoke is such a perfect fit for her and I am so happy because of the nice weather!! I pushed for a southern leaning school because the weather makes college and sports so much more enjoyable. Great academics and proximity to all the great cities nearby.

I am proud of Lainey as she is working our 3-5 days per week in the off season and is very excited to compete as a captain and returning MVP as a season at Laurel. We truly believe yours is the best program in Ohio and tell anyone who asks what a great experience it has been. Lainey will benefit from her lacrosse experience all of her adult life.

Thank you again
Andy and the rest of the Deckers

Thank you for everything that you have done for Anna. She has grown and developed so much as an athlete. Midwestern Force has been the best possible thing for Anna’s exposure and experience as a lacrosse player. We will always be thankful to you for the opportunities that you made available. And for your constant support. Anna is beyond excited to be a 2016 member of the Kennesaw Owls team! This is a dream come true for Anna!

Linda and Jim Giulitto

I wanted to let you know that our daughter (Alexandria Young) had a positive experience at Tuesday’s practice with Coach Brooke and her new Southern Storm teammates. After practice, she was so excited to let Mon and Dad know just how many new skills that she had learned and how supportive Coach Brooke was to her and all the other teammates. As you know, you can’t coach confidence into a player.-person. Confidence comes from within a player- person and achieved through their hardwork-practice and a supportive coaching staff and lacrosse program culture. It’s apparent that your lacrosse program and coaching staff have these qualities. Thanks for all you and your staff do for our daughters and future leaders.

Chris Young

My daughter Caitlin has been a member of Mid Western Force for 1 year and we just signed up last week for our 2nd year.

I can tell you firsthand as a parent that I have seen my daughter really grow in the sport of lacrosse and also as a young teenage girl in this past year with MFL as Caitlin has grown very fond of her coaches and all of her teammates. I have never seen a coach embarrass or yell at one of the girls as they are all college coaches and behave in a very mature and sportsmanship way. The coaches show the girls the correct techniques,stick work, how to transition from one end of the field and most importantly how to play and win together as a team.

In the past year with training,practices and tournaments with MFL Caitlin has become faster,leaner,more explosive with the ball and her lacrosse IQ during the game has exploded all thanks in my opinion to the training and practices she attends. You must remember this is a 14 yr HS freshman who never misses a practice because she actually loves playing the game and is excited to see what the future can hold.

So as a parent I am happy that she loves doing this with MFL. Caitlin played travel softball for 3 yrs,is a black belt in karate and has played many other sports but has found a second home with lacrosse and we could not be any happier with MFL.

I hope this email finds you having a great day. Just to provide you with somethings that have been very impressive for our daughter Jessica (2017) and my wife and I. When we started with MWF Jessica was I would say an “average player”. Now with going to the practices and the tournaments, she has picked up so much and tuned in her skills (because of the coaching and experience). We have a lot of different choices to choose from on the club level here in Columbus Ohio. I couldn’t tell you how happy we are with our decision to go with MWF. It is so much better organized then some of the other clubs in our area. At the same time, we liked the fact that our daughter is being coached by some of the leading college coaches across America. This was not offered to us by the other clubs. You will find mostly high school coaches or parents that played back in the day. I am not going to say you will not receive adequate coaching but at the same time I can confidently say you will not find the same caliber or knowledge that you will receive from the coaching stuff provided by MWF. During the winter months you get to see a hand full of different college coaches. I so love this, its not just the growth in the skill level she will receive but also provides the coaches an opportunity to see what your child has to offer.

Our daughter Jessica counts down the days until the next tournament. This is just as exciting for my wife and I to see her be so committed and excited to do something she loves like lacrosse. My daughter came home from MWF practice last Sunday and she went right outside to our goal and bounce back and said “come here let me show you what I learned at practice today”. Seeing this type of confidants and enthusiasm can’t be measured in cost.

Teresa, I can’t tell you enough good things other then say “Professional – Best Coaches – New Lifelong Friendships develop between athletes” are some words that best describe Mid-Western Force. Lisa has with out a doubt the best networking skills I have ever seen. She will provide the contacts to allow your daughter to get to the next level. Its what we do as parents to assist them in achieving their goals.

We wanted to thank you, Kathy, Mary and your coaching staff for the wonderful work you do. We can’t say enough positive things about all of the training opportunities, recruiting guidance and life experiences you’ve provided to Rachel over the last year–not to mention all of the new cherished friendships she’s formed with girls from all over the region.

As you know, we’ve participated in other lacrosse clubs and have had good experiences, but we can tell you with certainty that Midwestern Force is the place to be for girls who are serious about improving their game and playing at the collegiate level. Your in-depth knowledge and endless contacts paired with your tenacity are the perfect combination for a winning experience. We have recommended your club to many families and will continue to do so.

While we will surely see you at an upcoming practice or event, we wanted to formally thank you!

Terry and Dave Heath

You all do a great job. We have played for lots of club sport organizations ( and I owned a travel baseball program with 8 teams) and MFL definitely has the best communication & organization we have seen.

The Butlers

I’ve owed you this email for a few months ….. while finally sending it to you, I am happy on one side, but in denial on another as John and I have seen one of the best chapters in Rachelle’s middle school to high school years come to a close. We want to thank you and your coaching staff for all of the support and training these past years. It has been so much fun to watch her continue to improve and develop as a player.

The other notable experience is that with other players from other cities who have become teammates and friends through training clinics, College Connections, and tournaments like Downington, Naperville, Navy, Naples, Richmond, and Vail.

We look forward to the coming college years at Winthrop and beyond as she has indicated an interest in coaching. This club’s commitment to take kids who demonstrate the desire, work ethic, and athleticism to the next level is fantastic. John and I would be happy to be a reference for you any time.

Faye and John Walko – Rachelle-Class of 2013

I just wanted to drop you an email to tell you Happy New Year first off, and second, we won’t be able to attend the banquet because we will be at St. Francis for our Parent weekend. This is the first time Mackenzie will meet everyone. Nothing like Lacrosse 3K feet high in the winter time  Actually, I’ve been looking forward to it!

You guys have been great and Traci and I were very impressed and happy to be part of your team. The experience you gave Mackenzie was beyond any of our expectations…and the fact that you got her noticed by Greg makes it even better!!! You treated us very well and we are appreciative of that. I hope Mackenzie can come back to help out some day…Keep us in mind for Denver and any other tournament. I’m sure she’d love to play.


I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and the coaches for the great week that you put together for college connections. We traveled with 9 girls from Medina and although they were tired they all said how much they learned. In fact they said this was the most beneficial event that they have done so far with Midwest Force. I know you all worked very hard and I wanted to let you know that your efforts were all appreciated. We are looking forward to a great season!

Dianna Rom

Congrats on the 2014 black team coming in second at the Northeast Challenge! The club is just getting better and better So exciting!

The Furbays

I wanted to let you know that the quality of the videos from Thompson Films is outstanding. Last year many of us purchased grainy unusable film from a company that I cant even remember. The video from this weekend is very clear and she followed the games very well. So just to pass on, really really good quality film. Feel free to have any parent email if they question the quality. Thank you for offering this to the club!

Dianna Rom

My husband and I switched our daughter from a club lacrosse program to Midwestern Force half way through their season as a guest player. She has received more scholarship opportunities in 6 months than she had in 2 years with another club program in Michigan. Yes, it was a 3 ½-4 hour drive (one-way) to practice in Columbus, but well worth it.

This organization believes a well-rounded player is more marketable than one that plays one position. The players are developed by college coaches, taught sportsmanship, team spirit and respect for staff, coaches, referees, and players; above all play as a TEAM! Every player receives equal playing time.

The Staff has the keen acumen of NCAA/NAIA recruitment process. They are well-known and respected by all college coaches throughout the United States. It has been an amazing transition and has elevated my daughters skills tremendously.

It is our belief if any dedicated, serious player who wishes to play in college, this is the organization to belong to.

Robert and Kimberley Flaig

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and all those involved for this weekends tournament. Our daughter (Natalie Souleyrette 2015) had a blast!!

The Souleyrette Family

Thank you for everything this weekend! The Madison’s said on the way home this was their favorite tournament to date, even though mb said she felt like a truck ran over her this morning. Both girls are signed up to take the SAT in march.. Go Force!

Al Barnes (2015)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for emailing and calling coaches on my behalf! I really appreciate how much you have helped me in my college search – I could never have gotten this far without you! I am so glad I joined Midwestern Force – it has really been one of the best experiences of my life and I have had so much fun. Thank you again for putting in so much time and effort!

Kate Mackin (Class of 2013)

Wow is right. I am very impressed with the scope of Midwestern Force. You have built quite an organization over the years. The reach to players in several states is one thing. The cooperation of such a group of college head coaches is quite another.

Eric Sproull

I just have to send a quick response to say what a great weekend this was for the girls. Both Morgan and ally said sat night was one of the best force practices they have attended. It was informative and fun! And Sunday. Wow. I feel badly for those that didn’t take advantage. The girls said the time flew by and they hope there will be more opportunities like this! They learned so much and are so excited for season to start! And ally is just so excited to have Randall as a coach. She is intense, fun, and so skilled.

What an awesome weekend! Thank you.

Jean Furbay

Just wanted to take a moment now that we are back home to say THANK YOU for this weekend!! So exciting to watch the players developing! Learning and growing!!

Pretty cool for me to see, so thank you so much for all of the hard work and effort that you and your team put towards all of the girls!!


Hello Everyone,
I hope you all are well. First I want to thank all three of you for making the past year the most wonderful Lacrosse experience my daughter has ever had. I know I have told Lisa on a number of occasions how pleased I am with this club and all you do, but I can’t emphasize it enough. As a parent of a daughter who has a passion for the sport and wants to learn all she can, become the best player she can, play at the college level, and become a “force” at the college level I couldn’t imagine there is an organization that prepares her better, and most importantly genuinely cares about her, and ALL of the girls. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough…but thank you!!

Jim Smith
Adriana Smith Class of 2013

When I started lacrosse a year and a half ago, I had no idea how to not only catch and throw but also play the game. Because I was introduced to Midwestern Force very early in my lacrosse career I struggled to keep up with the other girls on my team. Even though the first year was extremely hard for me it taught me a few things. Playing against the best of the best you learn so many things at a faster pace. Also, it teaches you to never give up no matter how bad the situation may be. Without Midwestern I wouldn’t have as many opportunities to succeed and play in college. I want to thank you for all you have done for me in the past year. I know that I am not the best player on the team. However, I plan to work very hard to improve my skills so that I can play at Winthrop University. I have accomplished my first goal to have the opportunity to play lacrosse in college and I really could not have done it without you and my teammates help.

Alexis Kroah

Here’s a shout out for Lisa and Midwestern Force… our family has had a great experience with MFL over the past year and our daughter has grown tremendously as a person and developed into a much stronger lacrosse player, thanks to MFL. As we began her college search last year, Lisa was ALWAYS there to answer our MANY questions, make recommendations, give us appropriate action steps and guide us along the way. After many college visits, Jr. Days and practicing with some of the college lacrosse teams, our daughter had this to say, ” It if it weren’t for MFL, I never would have had the confidence to talk to these college coaches and play with their teams! All the national clinics and tourneys have made me such a better lacrosse person”. So MANY thanks to all the coaches and Lisa, we appreciate you SO much! 🙂

One thing I tell people here in Jackson, OH about the club is that it is even play and your goal is to improve ALL girls skills not just bring home a championship team. I honestly did not believe you when you told us that at the first meeting I attended. Anna went as an open girl to a tournament last summer and we were getting killed, I thought no way will they put Anna back in as there were older more experienced girls on the open team. But low and behold I was wrong, it is even play and your goal is to improve every player. That right there sold me on your club!

Amy Seanor (Mother-Anna Seanor)

I couldn’t have done this without all of your support and guidance through my recruiting process… from the very beginning right down to the very end. I’m really excited about the opportunity to play D1 lacrosse at AU. I’m also looking forward to another season with MFL because that’s when I get the opportunity to learn so much and to continue to take my game to the next level. Again, thanks for everything!

Teal Harrison (Class of 2012 YOG)