Midwestern Force proudly announces that the following players have verbally committed or signed a National Letters of Intent to play lacrosse in college. The Force congratulates the players, their families, and their high school coaches. We wish you continued success. Go Force!

  • D = Division
  • ED = Early Decision
  • R = Recruit
  • FS = National Letter of Intent Fall Signing
  • SS = Spring Signing
  • WO = Walk On


Player Name High School College Status
Molly Plasket Upper Arlinton HS Stanford University ED-F-D1
Natalie Wallon **SSL Charlotte Catholic Syracuse University ED-F-D1
Moriah Flynn Mount Notre Dame Marquette University ED-F-D1
Jackie Kishardt Hudson HS Kennesaw State ED-F-D1
Ali Magyaros Chagrin Falls HS Detroit Mercy ED-F-D1
Taylor Sweeney **SSL Marvin Ridge HS Tampa ED-F-D2
Olivia Passe Medina Grand Valley State ED-F-D2
Madison Luse Olentangy University of Findlay ED-F-D2
Tierra Norris **SSL Concord Howard University ED-F-D1
Maeve Healy **SSL Audrey Kell Belmont Abbey ED-F-D2
Mackenzie Hitchcock Medina CW Post ED-F-D2
Claire Murphy **SSL Marvin Ridge HS Virginia Commonwealth University ED-F-D1
Alex Anton Columbus St. Francis University ED-F-D1
Madison Barnes Olentangy Grand Valley State ED-F-D2
Kelly Fitzgerald Olentangy Grand Valley State ED-F-D2
Rachel Long Westerville North Meredith ED-F-D3
Cassie Hudson-Heck Medina Kenyon ED-F-D3
Ali Phillips Medina Walsh ED-F-D2
Emily Ketron Mason Wingate ED-F-D2
Anika Sichelstiel Knoxville Catholic Queens University Of Charlotte ED-F-D2
Lainey Decker Laurel Roanoke College ED-F-D3
Jen Spragg Olentangy Orange Walsh ED-F-D2
Saidey Whalen Charlotte Catholic Central Michigan ED-F-D1
Lauren Wagner Upper Arlington University of Indianapolis ED-F-D2
Sara Rockey Bellafonte Lycoming College ED-F-D3
Mackenzie Baumgardner Upper Arlington Central Michigan ED-F-D1
Sydney Wright Mason Central Michigan ED-F-D1
Maggie Lortz Mason SCAD ED-F-D2
Catherine Crigler Charlotte Latin Sewannee ED-F-D3
Spencer Hess Columbus, OH Mercyhurst ED-F-D2
Jordyn King Mooresville, NC Meredith ED-F-D3
Paige Bredder Charlotte, NC Denison ED-F-D3
Sarah Dankowski Columbus, OH Walsh ED-F-D2
Jessie Kallish Atlanta, GA Radford University ED-F-D1
Natalie Souleyrette Cincinnati, OH Wooster College ED-F-D3
Madison Hernandez Columbus, OH Goucher College ED-F-D3
Anne Rose Cincinnati, OH Denison University ED-F-D3
Kate Enot Uniontown,OH Capital Universitgy ED-F-D3
Lisa Lotz Roanoke, VA Capital University ED-F-D3
Grace Rosenthal Granville, OH Regis University ED-F-D1
Amanda Phillips Westerville University Of the Cumberlands ED-F-D2


Player Name High School College Status
Riley Harrison **SSL Charlotte Country Day University of North Carolina ED-F-D1
Annalise Heyward **SSL Audrey Kell US Naval Academy ED-F-D1
Liza Hernandez New Albany OSU ED-F-D1
Sydney Beckmeyer Summit Country Day James Madison University ED-F-D1
Izzy Palmero Marietta, GA Kennesaw State ED-F-D1
Alex Vander Molen ADA, MI OSU ED-F-D1
Hope Murray Portland, OR Central Michigan ED-F-D1
Anna Guillito Massillon, OH Kennesaw State ED-F-D1
Aubrey Cernus Columbus, OH Central Michigan ED-F-D1
Lucy Pedlow-**SSL Charlotte,NC Cornell ED-F-D1
Juliana Dworchak-**SSL Lake Norman, NC West Point Academy ED-F-D1
Abbey Joselyn-**SSL Marin Ridge, NC Florida Southern ED-F-D2
Carly Vaccaro-**SSL Lake Norman, NC University of Tampa ED-F-D2
Morgan Furbay Jackson, OH University of Vermont ED-F-D1
Collen Oconnell-**SSL Johns Creek Radford University ED-F-D1
Morgan Monaghan Columbus,OH Colorado State University Pueblo ED-F-D2
Casey Thom Hudson,OH Mercer University ED-F–D1
Ellie Uecker Mason, OH Seton Hill University ED-F-D2
Julia Couch-**SSL Atlanta, GA Florida Southern ED-F-D2
Ashley Lizzi **SSL Cooper City, FL Butler University ED-F-D1
Linden Perkins **SSL Knoxville, TN Tusculum College ED-F-D2
Kaitlyn Moore **SSL Fulton, GA Tusculum College ED-F-D2
Kim Pritchett **SSL Waxhaw,NC Shenandoah University ED-F-D3
Karlee Stinson **SSL Fort Mill, SC Tusculum College ED-F-D2
Hailey Sanders Weddington, NC Tusculum College ED-F-D2
Blair Mignery Upper Arlington,OH Marion University ED-F-NAIA/D2
Alex Manfroni Chagrin,OH Wittenberg University ED-F-D3
Victoria Locklear Culpeper County HS UVA  Wise DE-F-D2
Julia Robson Pickerington, OH Marion University ED-F-NAIA/D2
Katie Parks Loveland High School Capital University ED-F-D3
Kristina Coppinger Kansas City Arizona State University RD-S-D1
Avani Chopra State College, PA Bucknell University ED-F-D1
Oliva Camillo Atlanta, GA Roanoke College ED-F-D3
Molly McEnerney Overland Park, KS Benedictine College ED-F-NAIA/D2
Alyssa Stoltz Porter Ridge HS, NC United States Merchant Marine Academy ED-F-D3
Mary Davide Jackson, OH Butler University ED-F-D1


Player Name High School College Status
Peyton Smith Lambert HS, GA Kennesaw State ED-F-D1
Jackie Perkins Charlotte Country Day OSU ED-F-D1
Maddie Berman Johns Creek Winthrop ED-F-D1
Sophie Kopec Northview HS William and Mary ED-F-D1
Carter Williams Charlotte Country Day Coastal Carolina Ed-F-D1
Sienna Gore Fulton HS Kennesaw State ED-F-D1
Marissa Gore Fulton HS Kennesaw State ED-F-D1
Lauren Morris Pickerington Central HS Winthrop ED-F-D1
Kortney Parker Marvin Ridge HS Old Dominion ED-F-D1
Allie Daumeyer Mount Notre Dame Coastal Carolina ED-F-D1
Lindsay Epstein Walton HS OSU ED-F-D1
Sarah Flatt Blessed Trinity Stetson ED-F-D1
Sydney Etheridge Marvin Ridge HS Campbell University ED-F-D1
Taylor Fox Loveland High School Gardner Webb ED-F-D1
Callie Eldred Kansas City Christian School Lindenwood University ED-F-D2
Hannah Mutch Hough HS Wofford College ED-F-D1
Samantha Brown Upper Arlington HS Mercer University ED-F-D1
Jessica Rupp Mentor Grand Valley State ED-F-D2
Izzy Yagodich Summit Country Day Mercer University ED-F-D1
Helen Krause St Theresa’s Academy University of Colorado, Colorado Springs ED-F-D2
Megan McKinney Marvin Ridge HS Tusculum College ED-F-D2
Gracie Pine New Albany Lindenwood University ED-F-D2
Rhys Green Mason HS Grand Valley State ED-F-D2
Kaitlin Young Mount Notre Dame Rollins College ED-F-D2
Sydney Malcolm Lees Summit West University of Colorado, Colorado Springs ED-F-D2
Elena Dworchak Lake Norman, NC Mercer University ED-F-D1
Emily Hall Big Walnut School Heidelberg University ED-F-D3
Annie Jurachek Myers Park Wofford College ED-F-D1
Lexie Armstrong Columbus School for Girls Butler University ED-F-D1
Emmaline Russell Mason Westminster University ED-F-D2
Mandi Phillips Medina Heidelberg University ED-F-D3
Emma Cail Evansville, IN Capital University ED-F-D3


Player Name High School College Status
Camryn Klaus South Forsyth, GA Kennesaw State ED-F-D1
Meckenzie Vander Molen ADA, MI OSU ED-F-D1
Brooke Manera Marietta, GA Kennesaw State ED-F-D1
Elyssa Enrique North Canton, OH Detroit Mercy ED-F-D1
Grace Merrill Massillon, OH Louisville ED-F-D1
Sara Williams Sammamish, WA Wofford College ED-F-D1
Lily Berger Columbus, OH University of Berkley ED-F-D1
Anna Winesdoerffer Jackson, OH St Francis University ED-F-D1
Sumner Santivanez Marietta, GA Winthrop University ED-F-D1
Kileigh Casey Columbus, OH Mercer University ED-F-D1
Maria Fabrizio Roswell, GA Mars Hill University ED-F-D2
Emma Kendrick Waxhaw, Nc Liberty University ED-F-D1
Olivia Kroah Massillon,OH Arizonia State University ED-F-D1
Peyton Gregory Marrietta, GA Kennesaw State University ED-F-D1
Mackenzie Cole Cummings, GA Findlay University ED-F-D2
Camdyn Brady Wadsworth, OH Slippery Rock Univeristy ED-F-D2
Madeline Collins Meyers Park, NC Savannah School of Art and Design ED-F-D2
Erica Odell Kansas City, KS Arizona State University ED-F-D1
Claire Ryan Kansas City, KS Benedictine College ED-F-D2
Payton Neil Grand Rapids, MI Grand Valley State ED-F-D2
Taylor Nadal Columbus,OH Baldwin Wallace ED-F-D3
Aidan McEnerney Kansas City, KS Benedictine College ED-F-D2


Player Name High School College Status
Karrington Vander Molen ADA, MI OSU ED-F-D1
Clare Martel Millbrook, NY Coastal Carolina University ED-F-D1
Christina Fabrizio Roswell, GA Mars Hill University ED-F-D2
Grace Schuelein Cummings, GA Kennesaw State University ED-F-D1
Emily Barnes Charlotte,NC Mercer University ED-F-D1
Lexi Leader Columbus, OH University of Colorado-Boulder University ED-F-D1
Emily Rezabeck New Albany,OH OSU ED-F-D1
Addyson Koterba New Albany,OH Mercer ED-F-D1
Alana Epstein Atlanta,GA Furman ED-F-D1
Chloe Platte New Albany,OH Furman ED-F-D1