Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct

  • MFL Parents will set the example for good sportsmanship at all games, practices and tournaments. You are role models, and will be held to the same high standards of sportsmanship that we expect from our players.
  • Parents must allow the MFL Coaches to instruct their children during games and practices. MFL Parents must also not interfere by offering additional instruction during those times. From the sidelines, you are expected to enjoy watching your children play lacrosse, and be their cheerleader, not their coach.
  • Parents must recognize that MFL coaches are willing to discuss players and/or coaching philosophies, but agree that discussions will only take place at the appropriate time and never during a tryout, practice, or game or in the presence of any players or other Parents/Guardians. While we prefer these interactions to come from the players first we very much value the input of our parents.
  • All adults involved with MFL must never permit anyone to openly or maliciously criticize badger, harass, or threaten an official, a coach or another parent’s kid. To do so is a violation of MFL rules and the rules of the game and will not be tolerated.
  • Parents agree to follow the “24 Hour Rule” : If you have a SIGNIFICANT complaint resulting from a game or practice situation contact the coach the next day (preferably by email) after a good night’s sleep and arrange a suitable time to discuss your complaint in a mutually respectful manner. Please respect that our coaches are working with a large number of players and that they most likely have college coaching jobs and families of their own. Again, MFL would like situations to be dealt with by the player first when possible.
  • Parents must never confront any MFL coach or Staff member over roster selections, playing time, or team placement. This includes all methods of communication such as email, phone, social network or face to face. Our travel teams are by design highly competitive teams where the best players available are selected to fill our specific roster needs. These decisions are made exclusively by MFL Coaches and based solely on merit. While our coaches are willing to offer constructive feedback to players about how their children can work to improve and become more successful Lacrosse players, we will not discuss our evaluations of other players. Parents of those players selected to our travel teams must understand that equal playing time is not guaranteed on any MFL travel team. Playing time is earned.
  • Parents will need to book travel according to the tournaments specification and missing games because of flights outside the specified window will result in reduced playing time.
  • No Parent is allowed to send any athlete unchaperoned, secure a hotel room unattended with student athletes and all student athletes traveling unchaperoned are required to be registered under our solo travel program if available

Player Expectations and Requirements

  • One of the ultimate goals of the “Midwestern force” program is to teach player responsibility. We hold them accountable for their actions and decisions.Therefore, players are instructed to handle all communications with their MFL team coach first. If a resolution cannot be reached the player should reach out to Randall Swope or Mary Schwartz.
  • You represent the club on and off the field and must conduct yourselves accordingly at all times.
  • All players will need to abide to the new policy requirements for attending tournaments and missing required events.
  • All players who fail to attend practices will directly receive reduced playing time in the event directly following missed practices or missed tournaments.
  • All players must have respect for all those involved in the program (team members, coaches, parents, officials, opponent’s, etc.) Language, back-talking or a general poor attitude will affect playing time and could result in termination from the team and club.
  • All players should strive to become a better player every day. Working not only on individual skill development but on being great teammate as well.
  • Your attitude and work ethic will directly affect your playing time. If you have a bad attitude and you are not working hard expect to sit on the bench. Whether its college tuition or club fee’s payment does not entitle you to playing time it must be earned.
  • You can play in other events (local tournaments, small sides, and etc.) we just need to know if your team is wearing Midwestern Force uniforms.
  • No player will be permitted to break tournament rules as it pertains YOG and class of participation. When in doubt ask as the consequences are steep especially in the IWLCA sanctioned events.
  • Players should arrive one hour before their first scheduled game and a half hour for each subsequent game. They should be in full uniform and be prepared for warm up at that time. It is the responsibility of the players to be there on time not the parents. If this rule is not adhered to a loss of playing time will follow.
  • All players and parents are responsible for making sure they are receiving emails from and following @MFLmama on Twitter. They are also responsible to keep all information in our registration program up to date and current.
  • All links must be completed within the time line to accept your daughters participation and if a player is asking to be excused a form can be found on your students athletes dashboard and must be submitted for approval at least 30 days in advance. Each team will have a maximum excused absence threshold of 4.
  • 24 hour cool down policy, following a tournament you are not to reach out to the coaching staff or administration until 24 hours after your last game.
  • Please be courteous and do not reach out to Lisa or a coach past 9:00pm unless it is an emergency.

Through coaching and mentoring we hope to unlock the potential of each athlete within our program. The game is a vehicle through which one can truly come to learn themselves, by celebrating our success and learning from out defeats. We ask our athletes to strive for perfection through hard work, positive attitude and team play.